Zipper Door, 2xA-Profile

  • Height 2200mm, width 1200mm
  • Dimensions of door opening 2000x700mm
  • Door plastic thickness 0,15 mm
  • Strip of spiral zipper sewn on the plastic
  • Stoppers on both ends of the zipper strip
  • 2x double-sided sliders
  • Opens from bottom
  • Reusable

1.Use tape to fasten the upper edge above the doorway. Make sure that the opening of the zipper door coincides with the central part of the doorway.
2.Fasten the sides and the bottom edge. Make sure that the edges are fastened properly.
3.After all the edges have been secured, the product is ready for use and the zipper can be opened.

The manufacturer is not responsible for the damage caused by incorrect mounting.

The product is inflammable and must not be placed near open fire.