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VEMEK dust barrier solutions help limit the spread of dust where it is needed!

Practical aids for construction, cleaning and household.

Who are we?

Vemek Grupp OÜ is a company manufacturing and marketing dust- and damp-resistant doors. Our product selection includes zipper doors, taped zippers and breathable doors of many different profiles. We pay a lot of attention to the high quality of our production and continuously develop new products that meet the costumers’ needs.
The area of application of our dust barrier solutions is very wide, from construction sites to domestic renovation and demolition works.

Zipper door

A zipper door is good for preventing the spread of dust, damp and odours to other rooms or other parts of a room. The area of application of dust doors is very wide, from construction and demolition works to domestic renovation projects. The zipper doors of Vemek are durable, high-quality and reusable. The zipper doors are easy to install;the doors are equipped with double-sided sliders and can thus be opened from both sides. You are guaranteed to find a solution that meets your needs from the many different zipper door profiles.

NEW! The products are also available in a HEAVY DUTY line, which is made of especially sturdy and durable 0.2mm plastic!

Taped Zippers

Taped zippers are a novel product in Estonia, which enable to make a temporary door opening easily and conveniently in the desired location. The wide adhesive strip ensures excellent holding even in damp and dusty conditions and at low temperatures. A practical solution for making a door opening even for a greenhouse.In order to use the taped zipper, first remove the paper covering from the back of the tape and place the product on the plastic, then open the zipper and cut through the tape and the plastic with a paper knife without damaging the teeth of the zipper. Double-sided sliders make it possible to open the door from both sides.

Breathable dust door

A breathable dust door does not prevent air exchange between rooms, but stops the spread of dust and damp. The polypropylene dust door is very light, easy to clean and durable.
Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor conditions.Easy to install and equipped with double-sided sliders, which enable to open the door from both sides.

Body bag

Color white or black, width 120 cm, length 230 cm, strong 6 mm spiral zipper , film thickness 120 and 150 mic.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

If you did not find a suitable solution from our current selection, do not hesitate to contact us. We are also prepared to offer non-standard zipper doors and various dust barrier solutions.

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